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10 Useful Tips for Your Theme Park Vacation

Theme parks are full of fun, excitement, attractions, and people. Planning helps you make the most of your visit. Here are ten tips to optimize any amusement park vacation.  1.    Peak...

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10 Summer Getaways That Won't Break The Bank

Summer is the time to pack up the car and see the world outside your backyard. Diligent planning allows you and your family to create memory-making trips that everyone will enjoy—including your wallet. 1.  ...

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Fidget Spinners and 10 Other Recent Popular Fads

If you don’t have kids, Internet access, or eyes, you may have missed the fidget-spinner craze that has seemingly taken over the world. This small handheld device has been credited with helping people...

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5 Easy Steps to De-clutter Your Life

Think you’re one step away from being featured on one of those reality shows about hoarders and how cluttered their homes are? Chances are, your home isn’t really that bad. You just need to...

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School Should Start Later - Here's Why

Schools should exist to serve the community, educate students to be productive citizens in society, and provide quality work environments for the staff. These goals for the education system are achieved...

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6 Bills You Can Cut Today

Everyone loves to save money, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. We’ve put together a list of six bills almost everyone has to pay and we share with you ways to cut them all. Nobody...

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