Jessica Alba’s Company Donated 1.5 Million Diapers to Moms in Need

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone; and if your family is anything like mine, you might be a bit relieved that another family outing has passed. Mother’s Day, of course, is a national day where we take a moment from the busyness of our lives to recognize and celebrate those who have made arguably the most impact on our lives: Moms.

Family hysterics at the dinner table aside, it is important to acknowledge the hardships and challenges moms face every day to ensure we get to live our best lives possible and give back where we can.

This year, one famous mom is spending her Mother’s Day giving back to moms in need. Jessica Alba, movie star and busy mother of three, used the holiday to help mothers in need. Through her brand The Honest Company, 1.5 million diapers were donated through the non-profit Baby2Baby.

“At The Honest Company, we’re devoted to empowering people to live happy, healthy lives,” co-founder Jessica Alba, 37, tells PEOPLE magazine.

Her brand, a Los-Angeles non-profit, helps provide low-income children up to 12 years of age with diapers, clothing, and other basic necessities.

 “A mother should never have to choose between feeding her children and buying diapers. Baby2Baby helps new mothers so they don't have to make that impossible decision, and we can't think of a better charitable partner for The Honest Company.”

Additionally, The Honest Company committed to continued donations of 'bundles filled with diapers and other hygiene items for more than 600 families' and ongoing support to the LA-based non-profit. The Honest Company is a mission-driven business providing more than 100 trusted and effective products across a wide range of consumer categories to families in need.

“I founded The Honest Company because I wanted safe, effective products that perform. After all, you shouldn't have to choose between what works and what's good for you.”

Jessica Alba began the Honest Company with the desire to make right choices for families and position itself as a trusted source of products and information that is safe and healthy for consumers. The company was launched in 2012 with a lineup up 17 products. Listening to research findings by the FDA on hazardous chemicals children may be exposed to that exist in common household products, the Honest Company sells goods that completely avoid those 1,300 chemicals.

The company has seen its own hardships over the years related to the recurring subscription diaper delivery service back in October of 2016, and issues with their liquid detergent products containing harmful chemicals. The Honest Company, to its credit, has been dutiful in addressing these claims and taking the necessary steps to make things right. You can find many of the Honest Company’s products in convenience stores, department stores, and beauty shops across the country.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day? Did you get that gift that we told you to get? Let us know how things went down in the comments!

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