5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Sometimes, working out can suck. Big time.

We live increasingly busier lives, and fitting in an hour or even thirty minutes to workout can be a hassle when there are a million other things on your plate. And when you don’t have the motivation to hit the gym or exercise from home, you start to fall behind. Missing out on work out sessions puts you at risk for losing any progress you may have made. You might even feel disheartened to go back to the gym after missing so many sessions! Thus, the negative feedback loop is born.

Like all good habits, losing weight and eating healthy takes motivation and dedication. Getting your form right or running those laps is only half the battle—simply getting into the mindset of working out can be a challenge. That’s why we’re going to go through 5 ways to get your butt in gear and get motivated to workout.

1. Sign up for a Class

Have you ever wanted to try CrossFit or Yoga? Although these are probably the polar opposite when it comes to physical activity, the point is that you need to make the effort to apply for one of these classes, then go to them. If you put it into your daily or weekly schedule, you’ll be more inclined to go, less you risk falling behind.

In addition, spin or cycling classes are often group activities that provide a fun workout with the chance to meet new people. The instructor needs to get people pumped up and energetic. So if you’re a grumpy mess before going to the gym, you can rely on him or her to keep you going.

2. Make Your Hobby a Workout

This can be a little contextual. If your hobby is playing chess, you’ll only be flexing brain tissue. But if you enjoy rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, skating, playing a sport, or any outdoor activity, make it a workout!

When I was in college, I would go to an indoor gymnastics facility to work out while still having a ton of fun. You had to be limber and flexible to flip in the air or do any groundwork. It made me really motivated to exercise when I knew doing it could be so fun!

3. Get a Dependability Buddy

Nothing motivates me more than a bit of friendly competition. Also, nothing gets me to the gym faster than knowing I have someone else relying on me to be there. Everyone knows working out alone can be frightening or a chore. With a friend, working out can be fun!

Make it something you both can be excited about. Arrange to go out and eat after your workout session. If it’s the weekend, why not go out together? See a movie, go to the park, or play a game. If you plan your workouts around other things in your way with a friend, you’ll be more pumped to exercise. To top it off, you both can be proud of each other when you’re nailing your goals.

4. Dress for Success

They say that a new suit can make you feel like a million bucks. Getting a fresh haircut or makeover can also do wonders for confidence for doing anything from a job interview to going on a date. Channel that into motivation for exercising. If you can, put your workout clothes on an hour before you head to the gym—it’ll be a visible reminder to get moving, and the guilt from not following through could encourage you to get started.

Here’s a bonus tip: make a workout playlist and listen to it on the walk or drive to the gym. Choose high-energy, motivational songs you love to move to or sing along to.

5. Measure Your Goals

Many people who make the commitment to exercise get upset or outright stop when they don’t see the changes they want. That’s understandable, however, being healthy and physically fit is not an overnight transformation. In fact, you not even see results for months!

What some people fail to realize is that your body could be making serious improvements—under the surface. That’s why it’s a great idea to track your progress. Write down how many sets and reps you do at each weight. Count how many laps you run or swim. Mark how long it takes you to do your daily or weekly workout regime. You’ll notice, over time, gradual improvement. You might not see those abs yet but know that you’re more capable and conditioned to something you couldn’t do a few weeks back. That is an amazing feeling.

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